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BUY- Toke marijuana, with high thc levels. Cannabis weed will get you stoned and dazed.

Effects of smoking Amanita Muscaria magic mushrooms compared to eating them.

Smoking any kind of magic mushroom will produce a less potent effect than if you eat them.. Smoking and eating amanita muscaria shrooms produce rather different effects. Smoking Amanita mushrooms produces a much more mellow and predictable effect. Best described as a light floaty physically relaxing effect. Additionally smoking Amanitas almost never produces nausea or a sick feeling that is sometimes associated with eating psychedelics.
Eating Amanita Muscaria mushrooms can be unpredictable in their potency and effects The effects are not as visual as you would find in psilocybin mushrooms, Amanitas have more physical and mental (anti depressant) effects. It can be somewhat more of a sedative than psilocybin shrooms. If you do not eat too much Amanita you usually will not "freak out" on amanitas like you would by taking a high dose of psilocybin mushrooms. Also amanitas will not keep you awake for 2 days if you take too much

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BUY- Toke marijuana, with high thc levels. Cannabis weed will get you stoned and dazed. How much thc is contained in legal buds. Hash vs. Weed
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